Security is improving here, at least in transit. All websites at hdigital will be served through HTTPS by the beginning of September 1st, 2016.

HTTPS, or HTTP over TLS is a method of verifying a website and securing the data sent between your clients and your website. Without it, things are sent in normal text and can be seen by anyone who wishes to listen.

To visualize, imagine being in school, writing down a secret love-note and telling someone to hand it to your crush Jack (or Jackie). As it's handed from person to person, anybody, should they desire, can look at the note and find out what's written, usually without you knowing. How embarrassing! To extend on this, now imagine Jack (or Jackie) gets this note, how is he/she to know it's truly from you and not some prank? These are two goals HTTPS aims to solve, and does so with some success.

If a video is more your thing, well here you go

Remember, having HTTPS doesn't automatically secure your website. When your information makes it there it's decrypted and it's up to your website to store it securely and stay on top of updates

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

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