Things just got a whole lot cheaper, and we're celebrating with 80% off (see below)

HD One Hosting is an attempt to bring premium hosting to very affordable levels for 95% of the sites we host without compromising on quality or outsourcing talent to other countries (that's why it's not $3/month). It's $9 per month paid monthly or $7.50 per month if you order for a year, which includes a domain, free of charge. This is in perpetuity (a fancy way of saying "Lasts forever"), as in, this isn't a first year offer, this is $7.50/month year after year. Probaby second most notable is that while previously we didn't host ecommerce or community websites on this tier, well now we do. Previously, this was the main difference between the $19/month "Complete" plan and "Basic" (now HD One). The other feature? An actual SLA!

So to recap for HD One
  • $12/month to $7.50/month
  • Ecommerce & Membership sites allowed
  • An SLA of 99.9%
  • Killed "Complete" tier.
Not all websites will fit under this umbrella, and that's okay for the other there's still Premium & Enterprise.

The discounts are here (Applies to Hosting & Design/Development packages, doesn't apply to Domains & Email)

IE7AE72EMK - 80% off everything Today & Tomorrow
EAMB9DH7J0 - 40% off everything for until 2016/08/19

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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